5 Histories Of The Wedding Band!

5 Histories Of The Wedding Band! - In celebration of National Proposition Day today, we thought it fitting to take you back to the very origin of the Wedding event band to motivate our bride-to-be as well as Grooms-to-be when picking bands with sentiment and also character. Majesty Diamonds offers a historical timeline of the marriage band! From the customs of its exchange as a classic icon of commitment, to the need for bespoke yet natural styles into premium quality products that will stand the examination of time.

The Wedding Band to this day stays an essential routine and also the consideration of personality, where appeal and also top quality is vital. Here we show you how the ritual of the wedding event band as we understand it, has advanced as well as from where it was developed.

5 Histories Of The Wedding Band!
5 Histories Of The Wedding Band!


Throughout social background, the act of marriage has evolved yet historically the custom of the wedding event ring has been around for hundreds of years! It is believed, that even as far back as 3, 000 years ago Egyptians were entwining as well as exchanging rings turned of hemp, reeds as well as papyrus for the lady's finger as well as other decorative ornaments worn for the purpose of the celebration.

  • Nonetheless, normally these organic materials had little or no long life and were swiftly changed with better long lasting rings of leather, bone and also Cream color. Over the centuries, the design of wedding event bands has evolved to be made for permanence as well as longevity. Growths in craft after the Egyptians and the Romans saw Albeit crude materials like welded steels as well as ordinarily inscribed bands made from unpolished silver as well as gold.
  • Using the round band stemmed from not merely the Egyptians, however, other ancient cultures. A belief that the circle symbolized infinity, bearing no start and no end. The opening of the ring was also believed to be symbolic of a portal that would lead the pair right into events both known as unknown as they both go into marriage with each other.


Regarding tradition for offering the ring to the bride-to-be, throughout the 1500s it was customary that European hubbies would provide their other halves with what was called a Gimmel ring.The Gimmel ring contained two interlocking gold rings. Both the guy and the female would wear the rings until their actual big day, where the two rings would certainly after that be reunited, and also the lady would use the consolidated collection after that.

  • During the Renaissance, we saw the creation of the poesy ring. Traditionally etched with typography through a line of verse or another composed expression of love individual to the couple.


Up until the 1940's, spouses were typically the only event that put on a marriage group.It was not till during WWII that we saw the fan of both men and women putting on rings begin to take effect. With being divided for extended periods of time, putting on rings was a way for pairs to keep in mind one another during the time they were separated.

  • Today it is standard practice that both husband and wife wear a wedding band, and also it's not just ladies that have choices when it comes to the design of their ring. In the last five years, the industry has seen a huge spike in regards to the style alternatives for men's bands. Much like ladies, guys' bands now can be found in every shape, design, and color.


During the Victorian as well as Art Deco durations there was a noticeable makeover in women's wedding celebration bands. Not just were the groups coming to be much more ornate in style, but there was also the inclusion of rubies and patterns within the layout. Jump in advance to existing day and also lots of brides-to-be currently demand the design of this period. This ornate design is now described as vintage and is certainly having a comeback with several modern new brides for apparent reason.The designs of the past were fancy as well as intricate in a manner the standard and traditional designs of the late 20th and very early 21st century were not.

  • It had not been until the end of the 20th century that ladies started to be attracted to more popular and bejeweled wedding celebration bands. By 21st century criteria, the wedding band is still not as intricately made as the interaction ring, but there are other style choices provided to new brides compared to ever before. Even if a bride-to-be chooses another simplistic wedding event ring, she can currently select from white, yellow or climbed gold and platinum to craft her band. She additionally has the choice of adding white or black diamonds or an extensive variety of gemstones.Many modern-day brides opt to mix and match regarding their bridal sets, and with numerous choices, the marketplace has seen a sharp surge in tri-colour wedding celebration bands.


Probably the most distinct modification in wedding celebration band technique is that in our current day and also age we have seen the symbolism of love attached to the marriage party ring equivalent the wish for a greater worth point. Except for the period during WWII where rings had to be made from 9 karat gold instead of the first 22 karat gold, there has been a boosting wish to take advantage of much better top quality products in the layout of our wedding celebration bands.There is a need for excellence. Therefore the gold is always polished as well as the quality of metals and rubies are significantly taken into consideration before purchasing a wedding band.

  • Modern couples are currently likewise in a setting to have matching or complementary groups-- not just are they able to get matching collections, however, they are also in a placement to have their wedding celebration bands customized. When it involves creating and also top quality, the possibilities are genuinely endless!

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5 Histories Of The Wedding Band!
5 Histories Of The Wedding Band!

Tri-colour wedding event bands-- only rings as well as interlocking ring styles.
5 Histories Of The Wedding Band!
5 Histories Of The Wedding Band!

Ruby set Yellow Gold Wedding celebration bands
5 Histories Of The Wedding Band!
5 Histories Of The Wedding Band!

Bridegroom's simplified White gold wedding bands
5 Histories Of The Wedding Band!
5 Histories Of The Wedding Band!

Grooms White gold attractive detailed Wedding party bands

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